Production of ready-made food products and dishes
Production of ready-made food products and dishes

During the FIFA World Cup 2022, in order to organize proper nutrition for fans, we offer to expand the range of cafes and shops with the help of functional dishes of simple cooking RAVNOVESIE.

Functional RAVNOVESIE dishes are balanced in composition, enriched with unique ingredients, developed taking into account the macro-nutritional profile, motor activity and physical activity.

The main advantages are:

- minimum dry weight, long shelf life and simple logistics;

- speed of cooking (it only remains to add water);

- large portions with high energy value;

- high content of proteins, carbohydrates with fast digestibility;

- a wide range of dishes and drinks;

- providing a variety of national cuisine, so fans from different countries can satisfy their eating habits;

- convenient packaging with zip lock, transformable into a plate;

- the functionality of dishes through the use of unique ingredients;

- foodpoints for food outlets at World Cup venues;

Name and type of offer:

RAVNOVESIE company produces and sells functional dishes of simple preparation

Scope of business:

Production of ready-made food products and dishes

The conditions of implementation of the proposal:

Payment: 80% - prepayment, 20% - 3 days before the shipping

Order takes 7 to 20 days to complete

Direct deliveries of finished products from the manufacture

Price conditions:


Individual conditions may be discussed

Offer location:

State of Qatar

Applicable scope:

- Food industry. Food products;

- sports nutrition, tourist nutrition, urban nutrition, snacks and healthy snacks;

- food for extreme conditions (Arctic, space, mountains, etc.);

- the HoReCa market;

- gas stations

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