Pipeline Bheira-Kitwe-Lubambashi
Pipeline Bheira-Kitwe-Lubambashi
The construction of the 1,600 km long pipeline serves the purpose of connecting the two countries (Mozambique and the DRC), since it eliminates the need for land transport, which significantly reduces the cost of delivery of bulk cargoes and increases the safety of delivery.
Type of offer
Attracting investments
Project initiator
Government structures of Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique.
Cooperation options
Partnership with Government.
The construction of the Bheira-Kitwe-Lubambashi pipeline and consolidation / distribution warehouses.
Geographical location of the project
Mozambique-Zambia-Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Important feature
Zambian Government to transfer fuel supply to project investor
The estimated amount of the project
2,56 billion USD.
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