Extraction of Neodymium and praseodymium (Africa)
Extraction of Neodymium and praseodymium (Africa)
Partially drilled carbonatite with JORC exploration resource showed that reserves are less than 3% of the total field volume. Huge potential. Important – problems with zero and zero in Uranium-thorium.
Attracting of investments
Min investments to achieve a turnover> $ 200 million per year: 35 million dollars for the first stage and confirmation of the concept The long-term development goal of $ 1 billion in revenue per year: further investments in the amount of $ 300 million will significantly increase the quantity and quality of products, however, revenue of $ 1 billion per year may be too large to meet global demand.
Extractive industry
Zambia, Africa.
Direct sale - $ 15 million for 100%. Exclusive Deposit of $ 200,000 for 6 months. Investment opportunity: A $ 35 million loan repayable for construction and production in the first phase - the interest on the loan will bring 10% of the capital - the right to repurchase is granted to the lender at a reduced NPV formula after production.
Available on request and contained in the feasibility study.
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