Extraction Of Vanadium, Cobalt (Africa)
Extraction Of Vanadium, Cobalt (Africa)
A large magnetite deposit containing: Vanadium, Cobalt and platinum moons. Convenient infrastructure, water on the site, a large electrical substation 26 km. A quick way to mining. Partially drilled.
Attracting investments
1 Direct purchase - $ 100 million for 100% 2 Investing in UK Holding Co. - $ 35 million to acquire 30% of the shares with the right to acquire 100% of the Mauritian holding Co. with a predetermined form of binding to the cost of the project.
Extractive industry
Zimbabwe, Africa.
Min. investments to achieve turnover > $ 200 million per year: $ 300 million. US-includes mine and plant construction (processing) - with extraction and production of V2O5 flakes (vanadium) and cobalt concentrate. Long-term development goal of $ 1 billion in revenue per year: an additional investment of $ 400 million, production scheme for batteries.
Available on request and contained in the feasibility study.
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